Spark Wireless LED Speaker

  • Rs.1,999.00
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Sound with LED Light Show

Keep the music pumping all day (and all night) long. A sound quality that surely will not disappoint. Spark Wireless LED speaker with its LED light show feature flashes in sync with the music, creating a wholesome and immersive listening experience.


Onboard Controls And Built-in Mic

Features on-board controls for you don’t want to control the speaker using your phone. Equipped with a built in microphone for when your speaker is close proximity and your phone is not.


Two-Way Simultaneous Technology

Create for yourself a unique surround sound experience with TWS technology. The Spark wireless LED speaker will connect to its peers and play music with perfect synchronization.

Wireless Connectivity

Don't let cords tie you down. The speaker's wireless technology lets you connect it to all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices without effort! However, should there be a need, the Spark Wireless LED Speaker also offers connectivity via USB, aux cable and/or TF card. In addition, it also connects to FM radio!


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