Q1. I Do Not Remember My Password, How Should I Reset It?

    Some of the places that you would want to hit are:
  • Click on “Forgot password” icon in the Log-in window.
  • Enter the email you used for registering at 24hours.pk.
  • Click on reset.
  • An email will be sent to you including the New Password.

Q2. What Are Your Customer Service Timings?

The timings of Customer Services are from 10.30am – 6.30pm except Sundays and Public Holidays. However, message or query could be dropped on our Facebook Page: 24hours.pk or Official email: info@24hours.pk. We will respond at our earliest.

Q3. What Are Your Customer Service Timings?

The best and quick way to contact us is by calling on our telephone helpline number: 021-36102424 between 10.30am – 6.30pm except Sundays and Public Holidays. You can also leave a message on our email: info@24hours.pk or Facebook Page: 24hours.pk or send a popup from: 24hours.pk/contact-us.
Or you can visit the deals on our website to find detailed information.
For your convenience and earliest response, try to send us a new email. Kindly not reply to Newsletter.

Q4. Why Have I Been Sent An SMS For Confirmation?

As soon as an order is placed, the customer is sent an SMS to confirm his / her order. 24hours.pk gives its customers the facility of confirming orders through SMS by sending a code on the specified number. In case the order is not confirmed through SMS, the customer is called by our Customer Service Representative. Once confirmed, the product / service voucher is delivered as per the delivery dates mentioned in the specific deal.

Q5. What Will Happen To My Order If I Don’t Confirm It?

After you place your order, we will call within 24hours along with an SMS to confirm your order. If you don’t receive call, we will call you three times and after that your order will automatically be cancelled.

Q6. What Will Happen To My Order If It Gets Cancelled Due To “Calls Not Attend”?

If your order is cancelled due to call not attend, you will have to place a new order following the same pattern of order placement.

Q7. I Want A Deal On 24hours.Pk. How Can I Get It?

    Some of the places that you would want to hit are:
  • Open www.24hours.pk on your browser.
  • Go to your desired deals’ category from Electronic, Food, Fashion, Service and Surprise.
  • Once there, check the available deals and open the one you want to purchase.
  • Click on “buy now” to open the “Order Details” page.
  • Enter your details including Name, Email, Gender, Mobile Number and Delivery address.
  • Click on “Place order” to send us your ordering details.
  • Click on “buy now” to open the “Order Details” page.
  • Once your order is placed, you will receive an SMS / Confirmation call to confirm it. The product / service voucher will be delivered to you according to the delivery dates mentioned in the specific deal

Q8. Can “Service Deals” Be Availed Nationwide Or Are They Specific For A City?

Service deals represents service providers from a particular city. In the specific page of Cities – Karachi and Lahore at 24hours.pk, from where the company is currently operating, you will see a distinction in the services. Only those services listed for a particular city page can be availed within. E.g. A salon deal from Karachi cannot be availed in Lahore or any other city/ district of Pakistan.

Q9. Can “Products” Be Availed Nationwide?

Most of the time, products are delivered within Pakistan to different city/ districts / tehsils. Once you are on the order page you will see a list of places to where our product deliveries are confined. If you find your place in the list, then the product delivery is made by 24hours.pk. However, sometimes there are products restricted to cities i.e. Karachi, Lahore.

Q10. What Is The Product / Service / Food Voucher Delivery Time Of 24hours.Pk?

Products are delivered according to the delivery dates mentioned in the specific deal.
Service and Food Deal vouchers are delivered within 24 – 72 working hours.
In case you don’t receive your order within the delivery dates, you can call at our helpline number: 0300-0372424 during Customer Service Timings, message us on info@24hours.pk or Facebook page: 24hours.pk.

Q11. When I Place Order For Product What Will I Get Product Or Voucher At The Time Of Delivery?

If you place order for product, you will get product with a voucher at the time of delivery. Vouchers are only for services and food deals.

Q12. Is There Any Refund / Replace Policy?

There is no refund policy at 24hours.pk. Products once bought will not be refunded.

In case the product you have received is defected or not according to images & content and/or according to specification of product ordered, 24hours.pk gives a time of 3 days as "Checking Warranty" to let you lodge your complaint on the mentioned mediums i.e. Website, Official Email, Facebook Page or Helpline number.
You should know that we check the products to 100% before dispatching them to our customers. Still, if you have received a defected / broken-in-the-way product; we would very much take your complaint and resolve it as soon as possible. You should know that we are only giving a 3 days checking warranty against all products. No complaint shall be taken if it is lodged after this time.

Q13. What Is The Procedure Of Replacement?

For Karachi & Lahore:
If you have some complaint regarding a product contact us within 3 checking days. After your complaint is lodged, our rider will come to you in a week’s time to replace your product with new and checked one.

For Other Cities:
If you have some complaint regarding product contact us within 3 checking days. After your complaint is lodged, send us back your defected product through any courier service to our Office Address: Office Number 1203, 12th Floor, Uni Centre, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi with the title of “Complaint department” and your name and order. Our representative will call you and let you know about the status of replacement and within 10 working days new and checked product will be delivered to you.

Q14. What Are The Methods Of Payment At 24hours.Pk?

    Payment can be done through the following ways:
  • Cash on delivery
  • Debit or credit card.
  • Easy Paisa

Q15. What If I Place An Order On Website And Failed To Make Payment Through Easypaisa Or Credit/Debit Card?

In that case, your order will remain booked in our system for 24hours and will be automatically cancelled if our CSR failed in receiving payment.

Q16. What If I Want To Purchase An Expired Deal? Is There A Chance Of Getting It?

If you are interested in buying one of our expired deals, you can write to us on info@24hours.pk Give the link of the deal and we will respond you back if that would be possible in near future required that the stock is available..

Q17. If I Want To Do Business With 24hours.Pk, How Can I Contact?

Email us on info@24hours.pk with your product / service details and complete contact number. We will contact you at the earliest.

Q18. How Does The Reward System Work? How Will It Benefit Me? Please Explain.

The concept of reward system is basically to benefit the direct buyer and referred buyer and the entire process runs around three different possible scenarios.

Buy and Gain:
Every voucher bought from 24hours.pk will entitle the buyer for gaining incentives (That will be in virtual currency, which can be used for purchase from the website once it become equivalent to price of desired product or as partial payment and rest will be paid through other payment methods). Gain on Referrals (After buying):
It is possible that buyer of any voucher might also know someone interested for same voucher in his/her circle. In that case, that person will send the referral to that person(s) and if those referrals respond/convert into business cycle, both parties will be entitled for incentives. Gain on Referrals (Without buying):
It is possible that someone who is not directly a buyer but sees something which can be useful for someone in his/her circle, that person will send the referral to person(s). If those referrals respond/converts into business cycle then again both parties will be entitled for incentives. Referee: If a person has been referred by someone else, still that will be entitled for some points according to the price of voucher/ deal.
The virtual currency shall be in hours and 1 PKR will be equivalent to 5 HOURS in virtual currency.
Incentives’ model will be applicable only to profitable deals not on promotional deals. The entire concept will be executed with buyers/ subscribers/ members only.
If any order is cancelled, reversed, returned or refunded at any stage; it will be reversed directly. Hours can be cashed only on purchase of products (live deal) from 24hours.pk only. If Mr. X is approached by multiple users for same voucher at a time, reward system will work with the only email responded for that particular deal/ transaction.

Q19. Why Is 24hours.Pk Giving Points/ Incentives On Referral?

24hours.pk aims to move on to different channels of marketing, hence also reduce the impact of direct marketing and rather reach maximum people with the aim of pure incentives from the true and authentic platform of 24hours.pk

Q20. How Does The Gift-A-Product Module Work? Brief Me About Its Procedure.

Previously, 24hours.pk was only working on Cash-on-Delivery (CoD) Model under which gifting a product/voucher from our portal was not possible because for a gift, the issue of prepaid payment did not exist and the sender would not have wished to receive payment from the recipient.

Therefore, Gift-a-product module starts with prepaid service. A person who intends to gift something to his/her beloved at their original place or different location with feature of special message by sender, can make it possible.

In the previous set-up, user was asked to give only his/her information but in Gift-a-Product, information is required for both parties i.e. sender and recipient.
It is conditional to pre-pay through all possible mediums i.e. Credit/ Debit Card or Easypaisa.
It will be the choice of sender either s/he wants to show price tag to recipient or intends to keep that hidden.
The shipment shall generate as Pre-paid (without COD).

Q21. Can I Send Gift On Specified “Venue” I.E. Date & Time To Present Gift On Especial Occasions Like Wedding Ceremony, Anniversary Or Birthdays Etc.?

Right Now, we don’t have such services but we are striving to introduce this as well in near future to give maximum convenience to our valuable

Q22. Do You Have Any Mobile App To Keep Your Client Updated With New & Exciting Deals?

Yes. We do have our App for Android & IOS Users. Simply download our 24hours.pk App from Play Store or IOS App Store.
Android Users: Download here
IOS Users: Download here

You can download the app to remain updated about our newest and most-discounted deals on the forum of 24hours.pk.