Quick Charge 6.2A Car Charger

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Three USB Ports

In case you're arranging an excursion, or even commuting to work or a gathering with family or companions, these extended periods of time stuffed in a car could be unpleasant enough without individuals battling about the couple of charging ports you need to share. Deflect a hard and fast war for control of the USB ports of this Car Charger that sports not two but rather THREE USB ports! That is a great deal of ports!


Quick Charge 3.0

It doesn't end here, the extraordinary yield of 6.2A along with its Qualcomm 3.0 technology permits charging quicker than ever! With this Car Charger the upsetting, contending and battling comes to a long last closure! Waste no additional time and make life calm yourself and those you travel with.

Included Type-C Cable

The included fast-charging supported, 100cm Type-C Cable is another helpful extra.


Technical Specs

Input DC 12-24V

DC 5V/3.1A

Output QC DC 5V/3.1A   9V/2A   12V/1.5A
Working Temp 10°C-50°C
Size 90x30x35mm


Compatible with all conventional and fast charge technology-enabled mobile devices.



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