Nuk First Choice Silicone Glass Feeding Bottle For 0-6month Baby Yellow 240ml 10745097

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To  NUK FIRST CHOISE PLUS Silicone Nipple Glass Bottle M  240ml, is a bottle made of glass, healthy, high quality, durable and pleasant to the touch. No fragrances and no harmful substances - no bisphenol A / S, no phthalates. It has a secure handle and base, as the bottle narrows slightly in the middle and has a wide base and a particularly wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning. NUK's First Choice line has for years been the first choice of consumers for breast-fed bottles. With the NUK First Choice + products we have been able to get even closer to the natural way of eating in order to develop healthy jawbone and simulate breastfeeding as much as possible. The special shape of the NUK nipple is based on the shape the mother's nipple receives when the baby is breast-feeding. It provides the necessary space in your baby's tongue and jaw to make natural breastfeeding movements easy. The most natural nipple for your baby! With its new soft area (Softzone), the nipple adapts to the palate even better - for a natural breastfeeding feel. At the same time, the improved Anti-Colic Air System allows for a natural flow of food so your baby can drink comfortably and loosely, without swallowing air.
Combines with all NUK products in the FIRST CHOICE range

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