Hangang Portable Correcting Sitting Posture Back Belt

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  • Ergonomic support for relief of lower back pain - it helps to sit up straight, correct posture, reduce waist discomfort or waist pain.
  • Check your posture together | For women and men - When you are at your desk, airplane/train, office/home or game, wear support around your back and knees, and have a perfect sitting position flat in ten seconds Using 20 minutes a day helps to form a good sitting position.
  • Save your cost - The back support strap allows you to sit in an ergonomic way on any chair without any effect. even when you watch TV at night, It really helps to sit up straight and protect your lower back and waist.
  • Easy to use and portable, you can carry your own zipper bag for indoor/outdoor fall posture [curved knee at around 90 degrees

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