Ghost Portable Wireless Speaker

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Big Sound With LED Light Show

While the sound quality if a big feat of its own, the Ghost Portable Wireless speaker - equipped with a 8 inch speaker driver - kicks it up a notch and boasts its vibrant LED lights which, in sync with the music, create an entire light show for you.


Wireless Karaoke Mic

Who doesn’t like a good karaoke with friends at a gathering or a party, for even if you’re just alone in your room. To give you a better pop-star experience we’ve included a wireless handheld mic which connects to the speaker, allowing you to sing along to your favorite songs. An echo control feature is the cherry on top. 


Remote Control

Control over the speaker has been made convenient with an included remote control that allows you to be fluid with the settings and volume.


Wireless Connectivity

With wireless connectivity, play anything from your phone or tablet. If it’s on your device, you can hear it through the Ghost Portable Wireless Speaker. In addition, the speaker also offers connectivity to the FM radio as well.


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