Foldable Wardrobe Clothes Organizer with Doors 8Cube

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Product details of Foldable Wardrobe Clothes Organizer with Doors 8Cube:

  • 8 Cube dimention Total dimension: Height :111 CM width: 75 CM Length: 37 CM The depth of this portable cube storage wardrobe is 10cm deeper compared to the regular diy cube storage wardrobe. The full 1×6 storage dimension: Height 111cm width: cm75 depth: 37cm,Sturdy storage cabinet: do it your self portable wardrobe installation is easy and can be used in different patterns based on your requirement. Each cube can store up to 30 kg of weight and make sure all the panels are fastened using the soft hammer provided with this portable storage organizer
  • Diy storage organizer: this portable wardrobe can be assembled using the instruction manual easily. It can be used for storing kids toys and cloths in your bedroom or living room
  • DUSTPROOF & WATERPROOF DOORS– Each cube features a door which can keep your items sealed away from dust and humidity. Manufactured with durable steel and dirt-proof, easy-to-clean resin for easy maintenance and care
  • QUICK AND EASY ASSEMBLY -Assembly is tool-free and takes mere minutes when following the installation instructions available on the image. We trust that you will be impressed with this aesthetically pleasing design

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