Dual Port USB 3.4A Metal Car Charger

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Metal Finish

Gushing music and running a navigation application, simultaneously, is not only an incredible method to deplete your telephone's battery in record time but also wearing out your charger. Our Metal finish not only makes it stylish but also durable!

Dual USB Port

Regardless of whether you're an Apple or Android user, you can buy this metallic car charger with double USB port and a yield of 3.4A to charge two, eager for power, gadgets at the same time! 

Additional USB Cable

It seems rather odd purchasing a car charger and having to purchase a USB cable independently. So, we included a 100 Micro USB Cable to free you of additional inconvenience.


Technical Specs

Input DC 12-24V
Output DC 5V/3.4A
Working Temp 10°C-50°C
Size 65x25x25mm



Android Smartphones

Tablet PCs

Other Micro-USB Devices

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