Invicta GLT Vacuum Bottle PS 0.5L Black 100773120105

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  • The GLT Vacuum Bottle has classic design and straight lines. With dosing stopper and upper cup, it has glass ampoule for better conservation of hot and cold liquids. Ideal for home and institutional use.

    Thermal Bottles

    How to use:

    1. Remove the cover
    2. Fill with hot water.
    3. Leave the bottle closed for two minutes.
    4. Pour all contents of the bottle.
    5. Place the liquid to be thermally maintained, using the full capacity of the bottle.
    6. Replace the cover and close tightly.
    7. Cleaning:
    8. Remove the cover.
    9. Always use warm or warm water with neutral detergent. To remove stains, odors or residues use water and vinegar.
    10. Remove all liquid
    11. inside the bottle and rinse before reuse.
    12. Wash off with mild soap and water.
    13. Let the parts dry by keeping the bottle warm.
    14. Capacity 0.75L

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