Blast 2.1 Wireless Speaker Series (w Fusion LED)

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Experience A Revolution

The Blast 2.1 Wireless Speaker is the result of a design philosophy that grasps the significance of perfect, intricate sound proliferation — for films and music. Building a speaker system is more than about giving you room-shaking power. You additionally need ideal imaging and positional precision, and sonic profundity and detail. Since you have just a single speaker system, you would prefer not to make settles. That is the reason we've made the Blast 2.1 Wireless Speaker Series.


Fusion LED

Engage not just your hearing but also your sight with the speaker's vibrant Fusion LED feature. Blast's 5 inch subwoofer gives you an auditory feel and the LED lights, in synchronization with the music, give you the visual feel of a concert. Drastically improve your music experience with the Blast 2.1 Wireless Speaker.


Wireless Connectivity

Forget all about cords because the wireless technology connects the speaker to your Bluetooth-enabled devices without effort! However, should there be a need Blast 2.1 Wireless Speaker also offers connectivity via USB port, aux cable and SD card. In addition, the speaker also has FM radio functionality. 

Easy In Control

To make control easier in every way, the Blast 2.1 Wireless Speaker features not only control buttons on the speaker but also includes an additional remote to allow you to change setting to what suits you better!


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