Adaptive Fast Car Charger

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Quick Charge

The Adaptive Fast Car Charger by SPACE is one of the popular Car Chargers available, presumably in light of the fact that it works with a scope of association types and offers 60% charge in only half an hour! Gone are the days where Car Chargers couldn’t compete with Wall Chargers in terms of how quickly they charge your devices. Get this model now and relieve yourself of the stress of charging your phone with lagging speed during arduous journeys.


Included Micro USB Cable

The included fast-charging supported, 100cm Micro USB Cable saves you the trouble of an additional purchase!


Technical Specs

Input DC 12-24V

DC 9V/1.67A - 5V/2.4A

Working Temp 10°C-50°C
Size 70x28x28mm


Compatible with all conventional and fast charge technology-enabled mobile devices.

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