Hard Sailcloth 2.5 Inch Portable External Hard Drive Protection Bag.

  • Rs.950.00
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  • 1. Made of the highest quality, durable EVA anti extrusion, shockproof material.
  • 2. Moistproof, shockproof, and antistatic and high-quality
  • 3. Smoothy case body, both fashionable and fine.
  • 4. Stiffener design of the inside and outside of the case will reduce the stress of your devices in it and prevent the case from deformation.
  • 5. Simple design for functionality, durability and protection.
  • 6. Soft internal fabric for extra protection.
  • 7. Made from high quality anti-shock polyurethane.
  • 8. Full length zip makes access to your device fast and simple.
  • 9. With multiple compartments you can also carry all of your memory cards with you without the risk of losing or damaging them.

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