The Use And Abuse Of Office Politics  (PB) By: Mark Holden

The Use And Abuse Of Office Politics (PB) By: Mark Holden

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In The Liberated CEO, he turns the conventional portrait of the 24/7 entrepreneur as multi–tasking control freak on its head by using strategies that unshackle individuals from the "daily grind," inspiring you to perform your responsibilities on your own terms and schedules. In addition to giving the individual more freedom, the benefits of The Liberated CEO principles will increase the success, profitability, operational efficiency, and, ultimately, the enterprise value of any business.Contains advice, analysis, and personal stories that shows how to grow a healthier and more sustainable company that doesn t demand your absolute attention Explains how to implement an innovative business model that empowers business owners and key executives to perform at the highest level The principles highlighted here are in sync with today′s technology that allows people to have a better work–life balance

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