The Special Ones  (PB) By: Em Bailey

The Special Ones (PB) By: Em Bailey

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Esther is one of the four Special Ones. They are chosen by him to live under his protection in a remote farmhouse, and they must always be ready to broadcast their lives to eager followers in the outside. But on renewal day when he decides that a new Esther, Harry, Lucille or Felicity must take their place, the old ones disappear – forever.  The new ones don’t always want to come, but soon they realise.

Until one day Esther has a realisation of her own – and it changes everything. 

Perfect for fans of Melinda Salisbury, Lisa Heathfield and Sophie Mckenzie.

Em Bailey is an Australian writer living in Germany with her partner and daughter. Em used to be a new-media designer for a children’s television production house and is now a full-time author. The Special Ones is her second, much-anticipated novel for young adults. Her first novel, Shift, won the teens' choice Gold Inky Award in Australia and was shortlisted for a number of other awards.

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