The Living Organization  (PB) By: Norman Wolfe

The Living Organization (PB) By: Norman Wolfe

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The pressure on CEOs and other organization leaders to create results, while balancing an increasing diversity of opposing demands, is reaching oppressive levels. The time-tested economic system is no longer adequate to meet the challenges of a world of evolving complexity. The Living Organization delivers a new model that transforms the best of what worked before and expands it to deliver new life and growth for organizations. First and foremost, The Living Organization deepens our understanding of how any living organization creates the results it desires. Norman Wolfe draws on decades of experience both leading and consulting with organizations, large and small, to unravel the mystery of creating results. Based on scientific, philosophical and spiritual truths, The Living Organization® model explores how three distinct yet highly interdependent fields of energy influence and determine what results will and will not be created. Beyond just a new theory, Norman Wolfe provides practical tools for aligning and focusing the organization on strategy execution. Building on decades of learning about organization effectiveness and execution management, The Living Organization expands our frameworks for allocating resources and making decisions that will reap the desired results. The guiding principals and theories can direct the largest of corporations or the entrepreneurial startup in getting the results they want. Deeply personal, brimming with compelling stories from real-life challenges, and packed with powerful insights, tools, and practices, this book is a potent resource for aspiring, emerging, and seasoned business leaders alike. Or anyone interested in creating the results they desire.

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