Shot Down (BP)- By: Vivek Rao

Shot Down (BP)- By: Vivek Rao

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A software mogul gears up to launch a revolutionary surveillance system.

A terrorist mastermind prepares to wage war against the Indian state.

A young man is found dead under suspicious circumstances.

One morning, the body of a young man is found by the railway tracks, battered and bruised. He is soon identified as software engineer Vishal Deshmukh, aka Shot, by his estranged elder brother, Ajay. But the circumstances surrounding Shot’s death are murky, and Ajay is confounded when the autopsy reveals traces of hard liquor and cocaine in his blood. When he notices strange injuries on Shot’s hands, he is convinced that his brother was tortured and killed.

With the police and hospital authorities dismissing his plea for help, Ajay decides to dig deeper on his own, little suspecting that he is about to unravel a terrifying plot with deadly implications for an entire nation. Caught in a race against time, Ajay must piece together Shot’s final days to find the killers…before they find him.

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