Shahrukh Khan Still Reading Khan  (PB) By: Mushtaq Shiekh

Shahrukh Khan Still Reading Khan (PB) By: Mushtaq Shiekh

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Shah Rukh Khan has reached a level of hero worship attained by few actors in history. The biggest Bollywood star in the world, he is adored by millions of cinema-goers in India and all over the globe. Every film he graces is a surefire smash, every product he endorses is a bestseller, and there are so many shrines to him across India that he could launch a new religion. And hes almost as popular overseas: the 2002 historical romance Devdas took in twice as much abroad as in India. In fact, with Bollywoods global audience running to 3.6 billion against Hollywoods 2.6 billion, Khan is in terms of recognition the worlds biggest movie star. This lavish, large-format book is the ultimate look at his life, career and philosophy.

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