Rock and Roll Jihad  (PB) By: Salman Ahmad

Rock and Roll Jihad (PB) By: Salman Ahmad

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Rock & Roll Jihad: A Muslim Rock Star's Revolution tells the remarkable tale of Salman Ahmad, a Pakistani doctor who became the first Muslim rock star, facing down angry mullahs and the ghosts of September 11th in his quest to unite the Western world and Islam through the universal language of music. Salman's tale provides insight into the political and religious history of Pakistan, which has recently dominated the news as political instability threatens to tear apart an Islamic nation armed with nuclear weapons and teeming with Al-Qaeda sympathizers. But, more importantly, it provides a glimpse into the life of a unique man who personally serves as a bridge of civilizations at a time when many fear that Islam and the West are doomed to clash eternally. And it serves to show how music and art can be a powerful force to end cultural conflicts and bring humanity together.

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