Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision Into Reality  (PB) By: Ellen Rogin

Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision Into Reality (PB) By: Ellen Rogin

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Everyone has a unique vision of a prosperous and secure future. What s yours? 
If someone asked you to describe prosperity and security, what would you see in your mind s eye? Is it finally taking that trip to Paris? A beautiful beach house? Or maybe making that last mortgage payment and staying right where you are? In your vision are you captaining a sailboat? Hiking through a redwood forest? Or simply enjoying a precious moment of peace and contentment? 
When it comes to financial planning, it s easy to jump right into the minutiae of investments, skipping over the deeper questions of what you really want from your money, both now and in the future. But in "Picture Your Prosperity," Ellen Rogin and Lisa Kueng do the opposite. First they ll help you figure out exactly what "you" need and want. Only then will they show you how to make the smart money decisions that can help turn your vision into reality. 
If the thought of financial planning and investing sounds about as appealing as a trip to the dentist, you re not alone. Many of us avoid the process because it feels too stressful, boring, or difficult. But as Ellen and Lisa have learned from their years in financial services, thinking about money becomes exciting and fun when it s tied to your personal vision instead of a pile of technical details. And it can be easier than you think. 
Once your goal is clear, the authors show you how to design your investments to create the life you ve envisioned. Soon you ll feel more in control of your finances and on the road to the things that matter most. You ll be able to create a plan that s broken down into manageable and, dare we say it, "enjoyable" steps. You ll learn how to handle your money with more joy and less stress, even during turbulent times.And you ll explore ways your financial moves can have a huge positive impact on other people. 
As Rogin and Kueng write, Your money is important, but money is meaningless if it can t be connected to the rest of your life. Who cares what the totals on your balance sheet or in your bank account are if you can t use them to build the kind of future you want? What good is having a brilliant investment strategy if you worry incessantly about losing it, constantly fight with your partner about money, or come home and kick your dog on days the market drops? What if instead you felt positive, peaceful, and prosperous? 
Get ready to feel more excited than ever about your money, and about all the good things it can bring."

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