National Geographic Kids Fill-In  (PB) By: National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids Fill-In (PB) By: National Geographic Kids

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Filled with excitement and hilarity, this compositional challenge lets you tell your very own story set in America's national parks starring . . . you! Combining National Geographic Kids' photography and illustrations in colorful, laugh-out-loud pages, this engaging and educational book introduces you to the country’s greatest environmental treasures.


Can you imagine yourself in the middle of this adventure? Here's the scenario: you and a friend win a trip to visit twelve national parks, accompanied by a park ranger. Before long, wackiness ensues as you encounter roaming bison in Yellowstone, view harbor seals in Olympic National Park, see alligators in the Everglades, and attempt to climb Denali in Alaska. Filled with fun facts, this book will provide you with hours of entertainment as you fill in the blanks to create your own adventure! Join your story with ours as you travel on a hilarious romp through our most popular parks, while also learning important conservation lessons.

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