Managing Einsteins  (PB) By: John M. Ivancevich

Managing Einsteins (PB) By: John M. Ivancevich

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Today's new breed of technologically skilled employees often acts and thinks differently than their counterparts. And while break-the-rules approaches and attitudes can be helpful and even necessary for innovative, out-of-the-box thinking, they can also be a nightmare for managers. Managing Einsteins walks managers through proven best methods to optimize the skills, abilities, and knowledge of the new economy workforce--without stifling the creativity and innovative spirit needed for success. Written by two of today's top high-tech management experts, this clear, easy-to-read guide combines strategies for managing and team building with tips and pointers for building better communication between techies and non-techies, coaching for better performance, and more. The helpful skills and effective guidelines in Managing Einsteins will help managers "bridge the gap," providing: Antidotes for correcting problems in the workplace "Knowledge tests" for each topic covered Insights from top tech leaders including Larry Ellison, Michael Dell, and Andy Grove

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