Leadership by the Book (The One Minute Manager)  (PB) By: Kenneth Blanchard

Leadership by the Book (The One Minute Manager) (PB) By: Kenneth Blanchard

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An invaluable source of guidance for helping leaders to attain high performance with integrity. Transform your workplace with a few simple tools.

Told in the parable format of The One Minute Manager , Leadership by the Book draws on the model and messages of Jesus as a source of practical lessons in effective leadership.

Recounting the story of a teacher, a minister and a marketplace leader who support one another in their leadership challenges, this extraordinary book offers unexpected and exceptional answers to tough leadership issues such as:

• How do I best serve our customers by serving our people?
• How can I unify my personal beliefs and my role as a leader in a way that feels good ‘deep down’ and still produces the desired results?
• How can I get customers who enjoy the service, staff who enjoy their work, and still get financial well-being by leading with integrity?

The authors offer simple strategies for bringing vision – and values – to the workplace by examining messages and examples from the Bible. Leadership by the Book also provides lessons for the day-to-day life of parents, coaches, entrepreneurs and religious and community leaders everywhere

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