Karma Kurry For the Mind Body Heart & Soul  (PB) By: Jeroninio Almeida

Karma Kurry For the Mind Body Heart & Soul (PB) By: Jeroninio Almeida

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NELSON MANDELA A compilation of soul-stirring and heart-warming tales, Karma Kurry for the Mind, Body, Heart & Soul celebrates the journey and triumph of the human spirit. Every human being has a hero within; a dynamic and compassionate being who has the power to influence and mould the world. The powerful narratives in this book are the stories of just such heroes, who have radically changed society for the better. The people you meet in this book are ordinary citizens who have unleashed the hero within, with groundbreaking consequences. Their thoughts, their actions and their stories will inspire you at a profound level. These people are the champions of change. They are everyday women and men who took their defeats, infirmities and adversities and turned them into laudable actions for transformation. The list includes well-known names such as Rohini Nilekani, Chairperson of Arghyam, a charitable trust whose mission is to improve access to clean water and sanitation; Anu Aga, Director of Thermax Limited, the leading Indian player in energy and environment management; and Gregory Roberts, famous novelist, charity organizer and screenplay writer. Irrespective of their field, these are heroes who have reached out beyond their own life and business to help others, to be the change and lead the change by practicing Individual Social Responsibility. In Karma Kurry, their stories have been gathered to motivate all of us to recognize the power of one: our own power to be the agent of change, reinforce the positive in society and leave an imprint on the sands of time. Jeroninio Almeida (Jerry) is the founder and driving force behind the International Confederation of NGOs (www.icongo.in). Jyoti Nanda is a teacher, special educator, author, editor and certified life coach.

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