Islami nazarya Hayat 1 vol  (PB) By: Professor Khursheed Ahmed

Islami nazarya Hayat 1 vol (PB) By: Professor Khursheed Ahmed

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(The Islamic Vision of Life)
This series of books is a revised version in modern Urdu language of the classic Islami Nazriya-e-Hayat by Professor Khurshid Ahmad published in 1963, several editions of which have been published since then.

The work succinctly presents all aspects of the Islamic vision of life in such a way that draws a map of the whole Islamic system, its conceptions and applications in the readers’ mind, enabling them to comprehend Islam with all its insights and requisites.

1. Mazhab aur Daur-e-Jadeed (Religion and the Modern Era)
2. Islami Falsafa-e-Hayat (Islamic Philosophy of Life)
3. Islami Nizam-e-Hayat (Islamic System of Life)

The main addressee of the book is the Muslim youth. The work aims that, on one hand, they could clearly understand the elementary teachings of Islam and the arguments that prove its truthfulness and probity, while on the other, they could spread the message of Islam across the world.

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