Islam: The Alternative  (PB) By: Murad Hoffman

Islam: The Alternative (PB) By: Murad Hoffman

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This work, firmly rooted in classical Islam, is written by a Muslim schooled in law and philosophy, with an intimate knowledge of the Arab world. That he is also a German diplomat in Morocco and a convert to Islam gives his work unique importance amongst those Europeans who seek to understand Islam on a personal level. In an attempt to build bridges, he tackles all those difficult issues which have helped to form both the old and the new images of Islam amongst Europeans.
An important and provocative book, it will further our understanding of the true dimensions of a religion so near to us, yet of which we have so little genuine knowledge; a religion which shapes the lives of a billion people, including increasing numbers of Europeans. It is a book which will also further our understanding of the conflicts between our different religious cultures and perhaps, through greater awareness, find the means to resolve them.

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