Insider(PB) By: N/A

Insider(PB) By: N/A

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An unscrupulous stockbroker is audaciously murdered in a crowded bar room.

A hotshot CEO is accused of insider trading.

When Shashi Kurva, self-made man and one of the country's most successful CEOs, is named in an insider trading scandal, he is stunned and utterly blindsided. In an attempt to prove his innocence and identify the real culprit, he stumbles upon a conspiracy that has far-reaching consequences for him, both at work and at home, as he realizes that his wife’s family is not what it seems.

Meanwhile, pursuing her husband’s killers, the newly widowed Chaaya begins to experience their ruthlessness first-hand, and is forced to make the most difficult choice of her life.

Racing between the boardroom, a stock broking firm and a shattered family, Insider is a tale of duplicity and avarice, manipulation and murder, that takes you into the murky depths of the Indian stock market, where profit is the only object, and money the only language.

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