High Quality Anti Theft Motion Sensor Alarm Lock, 110 dba

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  • STRONG AND DURABLE : The Heavy Duty Siren Alarm Padlock has a body made of extra strong cast steel, high-grade steel shackle. Resistant corrosion, bad weather, physical destroy & Waterproof.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN : This innovative U lock comes equipped with two settings, armed and unarmed, so you can be alerted by a 105 - 110 db alarm when the lock is tampered with. Basically, double the protection.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES : 1 x Alarm padlock, 6 Pr-fitted batteries and 3 keys included.
  • HIGH SECURITY: The lock has a built in security system that activates the alarm if anyone tries to put something foreign into the lock for example - a wrong key.
  • BATTERY REPLACEMENT : To replace the batteries remove the 2 screws in the shackle holes. Remove cover and replace the batteries. Be sure to pay attention to polarity and that cover goes on same way it came off.

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