Henna Body Art  (PB) By: Mark Smith

Henna Body Art (PB) By: Mark Smith

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This great boxed set contains a full-colour 64-page book, a tube of ready-mixed natural henna paste with applicator nozzle and 30 temporary transfer tattoos. It's the ideal introduction to henna body decoration, an ancient Indian art which has become ultra-fashionable in the west in recent years.The book explains what henna is, where it comes from and how to make completely natural henna paste - and then shows exactly how to apply it to create the most stunning and beautiful body art effects. At least 18 pages of the book are given over to a collection of wonderful traditional designs which can be used as templates for making stencils and transfers or for copying freehand.The 30 transfers supplied in the kit enable the reader to get going right away, either by using them as body art in themselves or as bases for over-painting with the instant henna paste included. This is perfect either for personal use or as a gift!

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