FASTER FT-603 Hi-Fi Bass Sound 6.5-inch Bluetooth Portable Party Speaker with Mic

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1. support span, good stability;
2. rails and outer body materials imported stainless steel, the overall layout of coordination, beautiful
3. The use of multiple sets of protective devices and emergency measures, the use of safe and reliable;
The platform flexible structure, fully meet the convenience of docking with the aircraft door;
5. The structure of friction at all high-quality materials, good appearance;
6. stepladder with a special non-slip aluminum special, not only elegant appearance, and excellent non-slip effect

Package :
1*Speaker 6.5″
1*Wireless handheld microphone
1*Remote control AC power cord (charging cable)
1*DC power cord (for external battery)
1*User Manual
Warranty : 1 year

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