FASTER FS-15C Fortune Series Portable Subwoofer 15-inch Trolley Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker With Mic

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1, U disk interface, SD card / MMC memory card (digital camera memory card), play music or audio files + Fm
2, Built-in rechargeable battery, fully charged can be played continuously for about upto 4 hours (maximum volume)
3, Built-in single-channel wireless microphone receiver module to support a wireless microphone at the same time (optional with wireless microphone function)
4, Remote control song, pause, playback, volume control
5, Music treble, bass, volume control
6, Microphone volume, reverb adjustment control
7, LED Display With Fusion Light Effects plus Trolley and Wheels

Package :
1*Wireless handheld microphone
1*Remote control AC power cord (charging cable)
1*DC power cord (for external battery)
1*User Manual
Warranty : 1 year

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