Coleman Tent Bering 4 2000019535

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De Bering 4 is a spacious, comfortable and well-ventilated four-person tent with two sleeping cabins facing each other. The Bering 4 not only offers a clear and large living space, but is also equipped with a user-friendly PE cockpit cover. Moreover, the groundsheet has high side panels, which means that the tent is well protected against heavy rain showers. And thanks to the reflective guy lines, the risk of tripping is minimal.

Key features in one overview

WeatherTec ™ - comfortable and sheltered enjoyment of the great outdoors
The water resistance of a substance is measured using the so-called water column. If a tent has a water column of 3000 mm, this means that the tent can support a water column of 3 meters on its surface before drops appear at the bottom of the fabric. (The English Ministry of Defense classifies a substance with a water column of more than 800 mm as watertight).

There are a large number of other factors that influence the performance of a tent in inclement weather. With the latest technology and strict tests, Coleman ensures that you are always protected from the weather.

UV Guard ™ sun protection
Certified laboratory tests show that Coleman® UVGuard ™ fabrics with a protection factor of SPF50 offer excellent protection against the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The correct use of sunscreen in combination with shelters made from UVGuard ™ fabrics is an excellent way to prevent sunburn and exposure to UV rays.

Fire retardant - safety first
The fire retardant property of our material ensures that the substance does not catch fire in a dangerous and uncontrolled manner. The fire is even extinguished automatically, giving you time to escape in an emergency.

Fiberglass poles
Very flexible and light fiberglass poles guarantee good resistance to wind and storm.

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