Bollywood Striptease  (PB) By: SHAH

Bollywood Striptease (PB) By: SHAH

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Nikki is bitten by the Bollywood bug at fifteen. Years later , she is an attractive and vivacious chartered accountant. However, Nikki suddenly realises that if she doesn't act fast, her dream of being a Bollywood star will soon become history. She chucks her stable job and dives into the world of glamour, to the chagrin of her family and a naturally sceptical world. Only her good friends, Shonali and Karan, encourage her. Rejections at auditions, casting couch offers, a stormy relationship Nikki's foray into the film industry is full of sensational surprises. Then comes a point in her life. When everything looks ominous, primed for a disastrous fall. But just as in real life, things take a turn for the better. The climax is worth a wait. Bollywood Striptease captures Nikki's exciting journey through the Bollywood maze as she offers the reader a glimpse into the quotidian realities of a struggling actor's life.

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