A Taste of Well-Being: Sadhguru's Insights for your Gastronomics  (PB) By: Isha Foundation

A Taste of Well-Being: Sadhguru's Insights for your Gastronomics (PB) By: Isha Foundation

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For those who are well aware of their inner conscience and are determined to lead a happy and healthy living, the book provides a totally new perspective to your eating habits and in many ways is different from conventional cook books. 'A Taste of Well-Being’ gives enlightenment in the form of an understanding on how food and our inner consciousness are related apart from its relation with the physical health. The recipes in the book are fairly simple and the end result is quite good in taste. The ingredients used are also extremely healthy. The book plays on the insight that you get extremely easy to understand knowledge about the food that you consume and with a general and overall guidelines about cooking, the recipes are also fairly easy to prepare. A Taste of Well -Being is a book that every home should have and should look forward to trying all of the recipes which are simple and tasty, based on extremely healthy ingredients. It is an ideal book for the ardent followers of religion which explores how one can still make delicious and lip-smacking food without the use of food items that are considered negative such as onion, garlic, brinjal etc. in the Vedic terms. In the Yogic tradition that is widely inculcated in this book, food is considered to be alive and it is believed that when consumed, the quality of the food influences your body and mind. A Taste of Well-Being brings to us recipes that have been created in the Isha Yoga Centre kitchen and include but not limited to simple juices, salads, meals of grains, cereals, curries, etc. The recipes come with profound insights from Sadhguru on the process of eating and digestion.

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