Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop Auto Sweeper Self Navigated Rechargeable Durable

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1. Large Cleaning Square. This robotic vacuum cleaner can clean large area up to 250 square meters.

2. Anti-collision System. It is intelligent to prevent the collision and front-end soft bumper protects furniture from damage.


3. Intelligent Drop Avoidance .Induction IR sensors at the bottom detect the high gap, and it will avoid the obstacles and change direction automatically by inductor. No Dropping!


4. OBS Terrain Detection System. OBS terrain detection system make this robot vacuum cleaner recognize the barrier and avoid being collided.


5. 7mm Slim Design. It enables this cleaner working in the narrow space, it is possible to clean the bottom of furniture and corner.


6. 45db Low Noise Mute 65DB low noise mute gives you a quiet environment, you can enjoy yourself.


7. 2000pa Strong Suction It is easy to adsorp dust, hair, paper, reduce the pollution of PM2.5.


8. 10mm Climbing. It's has 10mm climbing function, 15 degrees climbing height.


9. 3 Filtration Dust Box Swept dust and garbage thoroughly!


10. LED Indicators on product showing the working status.


11. Charging Modes: manual charge


12. Suitable for cement floor, ceramic tile, wooden floor, short-haired carpet, etc.


13. Easily deal with all kinds of environment.




Material: ABS

Colors: Black / White

Charge method: USB charge

Power: 3W

Voltage: 3.7V

Main battery of the machine: Li-ion battery 1200 mAh (included)

Initial charging time: about 8 hours

Normal charge time: 3H

Working time: 90 minutes

Noise: less than 55dB

Charging time: about 5 hours

Clean area: 250 square meters

Package Included:

Type 1:1x sweeper (with brush ) +1x charging cable +1x manual

Type 2:1x sweeper (without brush ) +1x charging cable +1x manual

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